t (dyaus7) wrote,

This weekend vs. next weekend.

A simple, stupid miscommunication, really. I'm sure everyone has faced it plenty of times.

I tend to say "next weekend" and often people will try to "correct" me. They'll say "no no, it's this weekend. 'Next weekend' is the weekend after this weekend."

To that, I say fuck you.

There's never any confusion when talking about months, right? "Next month" is always the month after the current one. "This month" is obviously the current one. So why do people get out of sorts when talking about weekends?

The confusion, of course, arises because there are these bewildering periods between weekends that throw a wrench in the works. If you use the term "this weekend" during a weekend, I think it's obvious. But if, during the week, you say "next weekend," it should be crystal clear that you mean the nearest weekend. The term "this weekend" doesn't even really make any fucking sense (gramatically speaking) when used during the week. "This week's end" would be more appropriate.

This unnecessarily angry entry brought to you by the number 2.
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