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10:39pm 22/05/2010
  Hello, LiveJournal.  
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Any electrical geniuses out there?   
06:55pm 07/11/2009
  I want to plug my DDR machine's pads into a computer. (Thus negating the need for the cabinet.)

I don't know how to use a soldering iron.

Halp plz?
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12:57pm 19/07/2009

Placed 11th out of 128 players. Except there were 194 rebuys and 54 addons so it was more like 11th out of 376. Not bad considering I fail at PLO.
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Strangest poker hand yet.   
03:25am 19/06/2009
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01:17am 14/06/2009

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01:19am 07/05/2009
  I've been off the WoW for several weeks now. It's hard to say I'll never go back -- when it hits your lips, it tastes so good. A part of me will always miss the glory days of my old raiding guild. But I'm happy without it for now.

Some kid near the UO campus jaywalked (jayran?) in front of me today. I think he was either suicidal or had Down's. Nearly tripped and fell in front of the several thousand pound truck I was driving. Definitely belongs in higher ed.

I realized not too long ago that I've never held a job where my direct supervisor liked me. I'm fairly convinced at this point that it must be my problem. But I don't know what that problem is yet.

I used to be pretty torn on the whole nature vs. nurture argument. Perhaps I'm becoming jaded, but I'm thinking more and more that people are not agents of free will, but slaves to their nature. You have your DNA, you have your formative years. Perhaps a few brief, scattered, impressionable moments. After that, the events of your life are a very elaborate set of dominos falling. By the time you're old enough to think for yourself, you're stuck.

The age at which people start making important life choices keeps moving back. Maybe that's a huge mistake.

I've started stomping arrows again. I wasn't going to bring my machine with me to Vegas in a few weeks, but I'm reconsidering in light of my rekindled fondness for the game.

I lost.

My only gripe is that I can't actually play DDR. (I have to play Stepmania.) My machine frequently crashes whenever I switch DDR songs. So unless I feel like whoring MaxX Unlimited or something, it's a waste of time. I thought it was the optical drive, but I've since replaced it. No go. Sad Tyler.

I got my second quad-star tonight since I started playing again. Healing Vision AM of all things. I've been playing lots of DDR Max stuff.

Big fuck you to whichever step chart transcriber decided that So Deep was 139.970 BPM. Really.

I had a LAN party last weekend that was dominated by DOTA. We played a 6v6 map, where 3 of the 12 players were experienced and the other 9 were complete noobs. Dear god, that map needs a handicap mode. Don't even get me started on how inadequately it's designed for new people to have fun playing with veterans.

The following things bother me to an irrational extent:

-People who smoke while riding their bikes.
-People who go through the left hand door at double doors. What the fuck country do you think this is?
-The fact that I don't seem to be losing weight on my diet of fast food and soda
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Ohi LJ   
02:25am 17/04/2009
  I made 6 posts last year. I'm falling behind this year!

How's things, people? I don't read your LiveJournals. I'm lame like that. But I'll read your comments if you feel like posting them.

It confuses me when people add me as a friend on LiveJournal when I haven't made posts or comments in months.

Cancelled my WoW account. Anyone want to buy it? Super epic Druid omg! :p

More interesting entry to come in a week or so. Promise.
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DSR^2 Lost & Found   
01:43am 30/08/2008
  I have three items from the tournament:

Black Family Guy hoodie (belongs to little Jason I believe)
Black "All your base.." tshirt (belongs to the dude that came from Seattle?)
Red sleeping bag (no idea)

If you want to claim your item, talk to me. Otherwise it's going to Goodwill.
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I miss these two.   
01:06am 27/08/2008
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@DSR peeps   
01:44am 16/06/2008

Sad that a bunch of people couldn't come. But huge thanks to everyone that came out to make it a success. It was great to see you all again.

The tourney had 31 participants, I believe only 2 of which were from Eugene. You out of towners pretty much kick ass.

DSR^2 content will be available for download soon.

Email me your address if you want a CD shipped to you. dyaus7 at gmail. If you didn't come to the tournament and your name isn't JJK, you might have to reimburse me. Sexually.


(PS Dan I'm sorry I suck.)
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10:33am 05/05/2008
  tall grass says hello
my sanity says goodbye
i hate allergies
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Dear Old School DDR People   
03:02pm 23/09/2007
  I miss you guys.

How's things?
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07:37pm 12/02/2007
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Faceless survey.   
06:09pm 08/06/2006
  How many people have you kissed?

Anonymous replies only. (Others will be deleted.)
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Lost and found.   
09:03pm 04/06/2006
  Some stuff was left at my house last weekend, including:

Motorola cell phone charger
PS2 composite cable
"HONG KONG" zip up sweatshirt
Creative brand mp3 puch
Eddie Bauer long sleeved thermal shirt

There were also Twinkies and Gatorade but I made short work of those.

If you need any of the above back, comment or email me and we'll figure it out.
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Sight Read tournament.   
02:38pm 21/05/2006
  Dear everyone coming next weekend:

Please bring your own sleeping stuff as well as hygiene stuff (towel if you want to shower).

Also, the house is my dad's, not mine. Please be very nice to it.


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04:07pm 20/02/2006
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Last weekend, I:   
10:22am 22/11/2005

  • Went to Seattle for a tournament for the first time in over a year.

  • Won myself a hotel room in Vegas which is sweet.

  • Didn't play poker. O_O

  • Flirted excessively. (Not with girls, though.)

  • Ate the largest meal I've ever had in my life (2 pieces of toast, 3 pancakes, 5 egg omelette).

I'm kind of annoyed at the rules for nationals. Time to whore 12-13 footers for 2 months. Yay!~~

Looking forward to seeing/meeting people in Vegas.
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This weekend vs. next weekend.   
11:13pm 11/11/2005
  A simple, stupid miscommunication, really. I'm sure everyone has faced it plenty of times.

I tend to say "next weekend" and often people will try to "correct" me. They'll say "no no, it's this weekend. 'Next weekend' is the weekend after this weekend."

To that, I say fuck you.

There's never any confusion when talking about months, right? "Next month" is always the month after the current one. "This month" is obviously the current one. So why do people get out of sorts when talking about weekends?

The confusion, of course, arises because there are these bewildering periods between weekends that throw a wrench in the works. If you use the term "this weekend" during a weekend, I think it's obvious. But if, during the week, you say "next weekend," it should be crystal clear that you mean the nearest weekend. The term "this weekend" doesn't even really make any fucking sense (gramatically speaking) when used during the week. "This week's end" would be more appropriate.

This unnecessarily angry entry brought to you by the number 2.
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Video capture.   
02:18am 26/09/2005
  Anyone know stuff about video capture? I'm trying to get my dad set up so he can convert all of his VHS tapes into DVDs. Should I get something like this? Will my crappy 500Mhz PIII work?  
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